PPx Laser Treatments

PPx Laser treatments are an excellent solution for Acne, Rosacea, Spider Veins & Broken Capillaries

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  • Downtime: None
  • Time: min 30 mins
  • Duration of Results: Annual Touch-up


  • Excellent for skin conditions such as Rosacea (facial redness), Acne and Telangiectasias (abnormal dilation of the capillaries)

  • Effectively diminishes pigmentation, age spots and broken capillaries

  • PPx is FDA approved and treatments are clinically proven to be up to five times safer than other laser or light based technologies available

  • Gentle and painless, walk-in, walk-out procedure

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say goodbye to ageing giveaways like pigmentation, age spots and broken capillaries 


What Is PPx Laser Therapy?

PPx Therapy is a treatment that uses a revolutionary combination of pneumatic energy and broadband light and can be used to effectively improve a host of skin problems such as Acne (click here to read about the AlumierMD Advanced Facial Peels), Rosacea and facial redness, Broken Capillaries, Thread Veins or Spider Veins and Age Spots.  The PPx system hand-piece draws the skin in a gentle pulling motion so that heat energy can painlessly destroy the target cells. 

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“I noticed a difference straight away.  I have always suffered from large pores and skin blemishes but after the course of treatments, my skin is clearer and looks brighter, fresher.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does PPx Laser Therapy Work & Is It Safe?

The designated treatment area is gently ‘drawn’ into the hygienic treatment tip of the PPx system hand piece. This ‘pulling’ motion brings the targeted areas (red veins, brown age spots, broken capillaries etc.) closer to the surface of the skin and hence the energy required to eliminate the imperfection is dramatically reduced. Light energy, when gently applied to the targeted imperfection on the skin, is converted to heat energy which is absorbed by the imperfection, quickly and painlessly in order to effectively eradicate the blemish.
PPx is FDA approved and treatments are clinically proven to be up to five times safer than other laser or light based technologies available.

Why Should I Choose PPx?

PPx therapy is the first and only treatment to effectively combine pneumatic energy (pressure) with broadband light. It differs from other laser and light based treatments in that it is five times more efficient in the delivery of energy to the skin – this efficiency allows PPx to use a fraction of the energy that other treatments require, making treatments very gentle, yet exceptionally effective.

Where Can PPx Laser Therapy Be Used?

PPx treatments can be applied anywhere on the skin to correct:
• Age spots – brown, blotchy pigmentation marks on the skin
• Broken Capillaries – broken blood vessels that cause redness
• Rosacea/facial redness - an inflammatory condition where skin appears red/flushed
• Telangiectasias – abnormal dilation of the capillaries, most often found on the face
• Acne

What Does PPx Treatment Feel Like?

PPx Therapy is a gentle and painless treatment. Patients report experiencing a warm, gentle sensation, like a massaging motion as skin is drawn into the treatment tip.

What After-Care Is Needed?

PPx treatments are ideal for patients who cannot set aside healing time as required by surgical procedures. There are no post-treatment regimens required and patients can resume normal daily activities immediately.

How Often Should I Have The Treatment Done?

Your Otto Clinic Consultant will advise you of the treatment frequency required, depending on the person and area of the body, to maintain the desired results. However as a general guideline, patients typically need between 3-7 treatments to get excellent long-term results and may return once a year for a touch-up treatment after completing the first full series of treatments.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Treatment time varies depending on the area of skin to be treated. However PPx treatments are 4 times faster than other laser or light based technologies and as no pre-treatment of the area with topical anaesthetics is required, this makes PPx one of the best treatments to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Who Is Not Suitable & Are There Any Side Effects?

Contraindications include pregnancy and patients at risk of epileptic fits. PPx treatments are hygienic with no risk of infection. Furthermore, as the treatment is painless, no anaesthetic is required and there are none of the usual side effects widely associated with laser treatments such as redness, crusting or post-treatment discomfort.