Laser Vein Removal

Banish unsightly thread veins and broken capillaries permanently on both face and body with Alexandrite Nd:Yag laser

laser vein removal

BENEFITS of Laser Vein Removal

  • Get rid of thread veins, spider veins and broken capillaries fast and effectively - we deliver permanent results!

  • Also highly effective on rosacea and facial redness

  • The Otto Clinic uses the Alexandrite Nd:Yag laser system which is the most advanced laser vein removal treatment in the market today

  • Can be used all over the body, particularly effective on facial and leg regions

  • Completely safe and natural, non-invasive treatment

  • Virtually painless, walk-in, walk-out procedure

  • Downtime: None
  • Time: min 30 mins
  • Duration of Results: Permanent

fed up of unsightly broken veins and redness? laser is a fast, permanent solution!

What are Laser Vein Removal Treatments?

As we get older, we may notice the development of broken veins, dilated capillaries, red veins and/or thread veins which tend to occur mainly on the face and legs.  The exact cause of these veins are not known but they seem to affect women more than men.  Other factors such as sun exposure, hormones and family history can also play a role.  The good news is that it is relatively easy to get rid of these blemishes permanently with safe, effective laser vein removal treatments.  The Alexandrite Nd: YAG is also very effective for hair and pigmentation removal - see our

laser hair removal and laser pigmentation removal pages for more information.

Laser therapy uses focused light - the laser delivers light pulses to the vein area in powerful beams.  This enables the practitioner to penetrate deeply into the vein causing it to break up and disappear.  Laser therapy also ensures that only the affected tissue is treated without damaging surrounding cells.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Laser Vein Removal Treatments Safe?

Our laser procedures are non-invasive and offer dramatic and permanent results after only a few treatments. This is because we use one of the leading devices in the market - the Alexandrite Nd:Yag laser which is FDA approved. This laser technology is one of the safest and most effective laser machines available. Additionally, the Alexandrite Nd:Yag laser contains not one, but two laser systems ensuring that even the most stubborn cases can be treated effectively. Furthermore, this laser has a patented cooling device, SmartCool, which minimises side effects by protecting and cooling the skin before, during and after treatment by producing a continuous flow of chilled air. This protects the tissues and skin from possible thermal damage, reducing discomfort during treatment and promoting quick recovery time. In short, this is a safe, fast and effective treatment that won’t interfere with your busy life!

Where Can Laser Vein Removal Treatments Be Used?

The following skin conditions can be treated with the Alexandrite Nd:Yag laser:
• Broken veins, spider veins and thread veins in the face and legs
• Red pigment i.e. Rosacea, facial redness & sun-damaged skin

What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

Patients describe each pulse to feel like the snapping of a rubber band against the skin and, whilst uncomfortable, is not painful. Your Otto Clinic consultant can use a local anaesthetic cream to numb the area but it is generally not necessary. Skin surface cooling is applied through the use of SmartCool to maximise patient comfort.

How Long Will The Effects Last?

Following an in-depth consultation, your therapist will advise on the best course of treatments in order to achieve successful, permanent removal of the veins. It is therefore important that clients complete the recommended course of treatments for best results. As with all skin problems, there are many measures you can take to prevent the problem recurring such as staying out of the sun however we do advise clients that, if your skin is prone to broken capillaries for example, the problem may recur.

What After-Care Is Needed?

Patients may apply an ice-pack after treatment to soothe the treated area although any discomfort usually disappears in 24 hours. Aloe Vera ia also an excellent choice to soothe the skin. Clients are advised to avoid scrubbing the area and to avoid the use of abrasive skin cleaners.
During the course of treatment, it is vital that clients protect the area from sun exposure by using sun screen even in winter and avoiding exposure of the area to the sun for at least 4 weeks following treatment to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation. Perfumed products, baths, saunas etc. should be avoided for 12 hours following treatment.

How Often Should I Have The Treatment Done?

This depends on the form, size and location of the veins or skin lesion as well as on your skin type. Therefore an in-depth consultation is required first with your therapist to determine the correct course of treatments. As a general indication, small red blood vessels can usually be removed in 1-3 sessions and are normally invisible after the first session while several sessions may be required to tackle bigger veins and spider veins.
Laser treatments should be spaced at least 6 weeks apart as your skin needs time to repair the cells - the same area can then be treated again if necessary.

Who Is Not Suitable & Are There Any Side Effects?

Slight swelling and/or general reddening of the skin may occur after treatment - this will disappear within 24 hours and make-up may also be used to camouflage it.
Laser treatments are an effective, safe and fast way to treat these conditions with minimal pain and discomfort and very little recovery downtime.