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Our skin and hair consultations are designed to give you tailored treatment plans and help with specific issues

  • Downtime: None
  • Time: min 30 mins

How Do Consultations Work?

Consultations at The Otto Clinic consist of a 30-minute one-to-one meeting with one of our highly trained practitioners.  We offer tailored consultations and treatment plans for skin care, aesthetic treatments and thinning hair concerns.


A consultation is essential before you consider any treatment to devise an effective action plan that addresses all your concerns.  Our professional recommendations are the key to achieving your skincare goals as we believe that your skin is your most important asset.   

What’s included:

• A detailed skin/hair questionnaire
• One-to-one consultation with our practitioner
• Discussion of current concerns 
• Discussion of skin/hair goals and accompanying treatment plan
• Recommendation of the best skincare/haircare products 
• Tailored skin or hair care plan


A follow-up consultation is advised and can be scheduled with your practitioner based on your treatment plan.

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Amazing Aesthetics

We believe that your skin is your greatest asset.  It is your first line of defence in an often hazardous environment.  It protects you so it deserves to be protected and nurtured.   Join us at The Otto Clinic in 2024 to preserve, nurture and protect your amazing skin....

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Come and discuss your skin health with our experienced practitioners - call us now on 061 317678 to book your skin consultation or click on the button below:

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