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The Otto Clinic In The News

The Otto Clinic In The News

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It's Official!  The Otto Clinic is voted one of the top 6 skin clinics in Ireland, September 2019. recently compiled a list of the top 6 skin clinics in the country and The Otto Clinic was the only clinic outside of Dublin to make the list!


SallyAnn's Food for Thought Column, Daily Mail 2018

SallyAnn Clarke writes a congratulatory note to Ita Murphy on winning the Phorest Client Experience Award 2018 in her column "Food for Thought" in the Daily Mail.

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12 Irish Celebrities Who've Had Cosmetic Procedures... Sunday Independent, 2017

Normally when I approach Irish celebrities to be part of a feature for the Sunday Independent they're delighted to be included.  The reaction when I asked our brightest stars to discuss the cosmetic surgeries they have had done was quite different.....


The Truth About Kim Kardashian's Favourite Vampire Facials,, 2015

Having blood injected into your face is the celebrity treatment 'du jour'.   But now the science behind the rationale has got the backing of top medics and sports stars like Tiger Woods. Meet the woman who brought the treatment to Ireland.... Tests The Vampire Facial Made Famous By The Otto Clinic, Limerick,, 2014

There are plenty of different and interesting treatments out there for our skin, but we were interested to find out what exactly a 'vampire facial' is....


Beauty With A Bite - Tries Out The Vampire Facelift,, 2014

But scaremongering is a curse of every new and innovative therapy, so we decided to try it first hand for ourselves, and give a more balanced report of the treatment, step by step and needle by needle.


5 Ways To Improve Your Skin,, 2014

In day two of our series, Five ways to make a difference to your life, we asked skincare expert Ita Murphy from the Otto Clinic to share with us five tips that are easy to implement and will make a difference.


Will You Be A Sucker For The Vampire Facial?, 2013

It’s the latest cosmetic procedure causing a buzz, but does PRP (it’s actual name) live up to the headlines it's generated?  Fionnuala McCarthy examines the latest cosmetic procedure causing a buzz.

Kim Kardashian.jpg

Vampire Facials Put To The Test,, 2013

Amanda Phelan discusses The Vampire Facelift made famous by Kim Kardashian.


Served On A Platelet, Irish Examiner, 2012

IN a culture where beauty and youth are worshipped, women are putting themselves under increasing pressure to hold back the years.  First, it was facelifts, then Botox and fillers, now it is platelet-rich plasma therapy, or the ‘vampire facelift’.

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