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Special Offers

With years of experience in the beauty industry, the staff at The Otto Clinic are highly-trained, fully-licensed, experienced professionals, who possess a true passion for beauty and aesthetics.  We are always researching new techniques and striving to learn more.  Over the years, one of the key concerns of our patients has been sagging tissue around the eye area.  With this in mind, we have combined two of our top age-defying treatments - Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Ultherapy - to rejuvenate that delicate area around the eyes.  This treatment, which is unique to The Otto Clinic, is effectively a non-surgical eyelift that lifts the upper face from cheek to brow, reducing crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles.  Get in touch today to book your Bright Eyes Recovery Treatment....

Natural as she is - fresh and beautiful

Bright Eyes Recovery Treatment

This fabulous combination treatment is specifically designed to reverse the signs of ageing in the delicate area of skin around the eyes.  Currently available for only €800 (worth €1,100).

Please note this offer is subject to availability, Terms & Conditions and is at the discretion of The Otto Clinic.



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