Mesotherapy delivers a powerful cocktail of nutrients to the skin resulting in improved skin tone
and elasticity 
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  • Downtime: None
  • Time: min 45 mins
  • Duration of Results: Depends on Skin

BENEFITS of Mesotherapy

  • Mesotherapy moisturises and hydrates skin to create a youthful, luminous glow

  • Expertly tackles problems such as dull skin, loss of tone, elasticity and loss of volume

  • Targets skin problems around the body such as hair loss, cellulite, fat reduction, contouring and stretch marks

  • Can be applied to face, neck, hands and decolletage to rejuvenate skin with  immediate, visible results

  • Virtually painless, walk-in, walk-out procedure

immediate, visible results for radiant, healthy skin

What Is Mesotherapy?

This versatile treatment is a highly-targeted, non-invasive therapy which involves a series of micro-injections into the mesoderm, the area of skin where cell growth and repair takes place.  These micro-injections contain a combination of nourishing agents (such as vitamins A, B, C, E or K, hyaluronic acid, minerals and/or amino acids).  These are all substances which are naturally occurring - mesotherapy simply tops up their levels within the skin. The procedure works on two levels simultaneously - the micro-injections stimulate the skin itself whilst delivering a powerful cocktail of nutrients right to where they are needed most resulting in improved skin elasticity and tone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Mesotherapy Work & Is It Safe?

Mesotherapy is a safe, non-surgical treatment during which various nourishing substances are injected into the mesoderm (the area of skin where cell multiplication and repair take place) in a series of superficial injections which are carried out by hand or with an injection device delivering rapid injections for larger areas. Normally it is easily tolerated, but for sensitive areas anaesthetic cream can be applied to the area prior to treatment.This therapy rejuvenates skin and provides a more youthful (hydrated and luminous) complexion. Mesotherapy is a highly versatile treatment and can target a number of specific concerns including cellulite, wrinkles, acne scars, fat reduction, stretch marks and hair loss. All of the injected substances are naturally occurring and our practitioners are highly qualified so you can be sure that you are in very safe hands.

Where Can Mesotherapy Be Used?

Mesotherapy can be applied all over the body to rejuvenate skin and promote fat reduction. The most common areas treated are the face (including jowls and chin), neck, décolletage, hands, legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms.

What Does Mesotherapy Feel Like?

Most patients find that mesotherapy is not painful however patients with sensitive skin may experience mild discomfort. This can be minimised by the use of an extremely fine needle as well as the application of topical anaesthetic.

What After-Care Is Needed?

Ice packs can be applied to reduce swelling and bruising.. For facial treatments, moisturiser and SPF cream can be used afterwards and make-up can be used next day.

How Often Should I Have The Treatment Done?

Following pre-treatment consultation, your Otto Clinic consultant will be able to advise on the suggested number of sessions based on the condition to be treated and other factors such as age and skin type.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

This really depends on the area of the face or body to be treated and will be determined during your pre-treatment consultation with your Otto Clinic consultant. As a general rule, you should allow a minimum of 45 minutes for one session.

Who Is Not Suitable & Are There Any Side Effects?

If any of the following apply, you may not be eligible for treatment at our clinic: Pregnant or breastfeeding Autoimmune disease (e.g. scleroderma) Bleeding disorder Epilepsy Taking medication that affects bleeding, e.g. aspirin or warfarin Taking steroids Active acne or receiving acne treatment such as roacutane If you are feeling unwell or have a cold If you have previously experienced an allergic reaction to a local anaesthetic Previously received a permanent injectable implant Side effects tend to be minimal and short-lived. You may notice some redness, stinging and burning within 15 minutes to 2 hours after treatment, followed by swelling and bruising, which occurs between 6 to 72 hours after treatment. Your Otto Clinic consultant will provide a detailed after-care routine to prevent/minimise any side effects.

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