Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a fast, effective and permanent treatment to remove annoying facial or

body hair

Pricing: on consultation
min 30 mins
Duration of Results:

The Otto Clinic is one of the leading laser hair removal clinics in Limerick.  We have over 14 years' experience in this field so whether you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair or are suffering with localised areas of ingrown hairs, our advanced laser hair removal treatment will ensure silky, smooth skin all year round. 


As always with our treatments, a pre-treatment consultation is required to determine the best course of action depending on your skin type and the area(s) you would like to tackle.  Here at The Otto Clinic, we use the same laser for hair removal for both men and women with the levels chosen and tailored to individual needs which is why the consultation is so important.

Skin colour, hair colour and thickness are also determining factors when deciding which level of laser to use in order to achieve the best hair removal results (men ususally have thicker, denser hair while women often have hormonal issues which affect hair growth).  If you are still undecided, take a look at the benefits of laser hair removal below or alternatively contact us for a free "no obligation" consultation.


BENEFITS of Laser Hair Removal

  • The Otto Clinic uses the Alexandrite Nd: YAG which is the safest, most advanced laser hair removal system in the market today

  • No more waxing or shaving - we deliver permanent results

  • Can be used all over the body, particularly effective on facial, armpit and bikini regions

  • Completely safe and natural, non-invasive treatment

  • Virtually painless, walk-in, walk-out procedure

goodbye waxing and shaving, hello silky, smooth skin all year round

What are Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Body hair is an annoying fact of life and often interferes with our daily activities, sometimes even controlling our lives and, even worse, undermining our confidence - facial hair being a case in point! But don’t despair, our permanent laser hair removal treatments can chase away these problems forever.  Laser hair removal is safe, effective and can be achieved at a very reasonable price.  The Alexandrite Nd: YAG is also very effective for pigmentation and vein removal - see our laser pigmentation removal and laser vein removal pages for more information.

Laser therapy uses focussed light - the laser delivers light pulses to the problem area in powerful beams, allowing the practitioner to penetrate deeply into tissue to work very precisely on specific areas without damaging surrounding cells.  

Female Patient, Laser Hair Removal

“Im getting my laser done from Melissa, she is such a kind and supportive lady and so far it's an amazing experience got 3 sessions done and the results are 70/100 already. Hoping for the best untill I completely finish all the sessions. Thanks Otto Clinic."  January 2019

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