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Skincare Tips for the Seasons

Updated: Feb 15

How to Manage Your Skincare All Year Round

by Nadine Baggott

I’ve done it; put on the central heating that is, and within days my skin feels like it is a size too small and yet I’ve done nothing to change my usual healthy skin regime. Anyone who follows me on Instagram or YouTube knows I am a gentle two step cleanse and religiously layer on my serums morning and night kind of woman, so where have I gone wrong?

I think it’s the season that is to blame not me (or you); the minute the autumn weather starts, it’s not only the leaves that crinkle as the humidity plummets, my skin is parched too.

It’s the same every time the season changes; in winter I experience temporary dryness and am prone to redness and then miraculously in spring it will return to normal and in summer it will flourish, if I can protect it from the harsh sun.

The reason is simple, your skin’s surface layers actually hydrate themselves not from the water that you drink but from the water in the surrounding air; and so the less humid the air the dryer and tighter your skin is likely to feel.

Changes in humidity, temperature and wind chill factors are potentially just as damaging to your skin in autumn and winter as sun exposure can be in summer, so what can be done to cope with what is essentially beyond our control – the weather.

It’s a matter of simply tweaking our skincare. Don’t start from scratch because the chances are that you are gently cleansing your skin with a rinse off cream, already using a serum and moisturiser and know that you need to protect your skin from the sun; I believe in swapping out the occasional favourite for a seasonally appropriate alternative.

Here’s how I navigate the seasons with a few easy to implement tweaks.

Autumn Skincare Tips

Fall Facts – in autumn it’s time to step up my hydration and address any post-sun pigmentation. This doesn’t mean forgoing a serum for a heavyweight cream, but it does mean adding a cream into my regime after layering on serums.

My favourite fall serum is H.A. Intensifier, applied over my beloved C E Ferulic (Vitamin C serum) because the combination plumps and protects my skin from pollution. I then load on A.G.E. Interrupter. It has the perfect consistency of buttery cream that also sinks in and leaves a flattering plumped demi-matte finish.

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Wonders – the minute the winds whip and the cold snap starts I find I need to up my moisturising game. 

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 is the ideal blend of what my temporarily dry skin needs; fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol at exactly the right ratio.

It can be applied after serums to seal in moisture in the morning, or slept in at night as a replenishing treatment.

Spring Skincare Tips

Spring Forward – the chances of spring showers in the UK are high and this spells a disaster for my hair but a welcome relief for my skin as the humidity rises and skin becomes more plump.

At this point I tend to favour forgoing a rich moisturiser and instead layer

Metacell Renewal B3, a milky lotion that is loaded with niacinamide that helps to even out skin tone and to minimise shiny spring and summer skin.

And as the sun is finally starting to peek out from behind the clouds don’t forget your Brightening UV Defense SPF 30, the perfect non-comedogenic, matte finish daily protector.

Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Loving – oh who doesn’t love summer? But it can be tough on my skin.

Need I remind you (or myself) to wear SPF every day and to up your game to Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 the minute you are in the sun or on holiday – and I put it on my chest and neck too (I didn’t when I was younger and I regret it).

If you suffer from sensitive eyes and can’t wear every day chemical sunscreens then try the Mineral Eye UV Defense SPF 30, it’s the only one that doesn’t make my eyes watery and teary in even the strongest sunlight and after swimming and sweating.

Remember that everyone's skin is unique and no matter what you do for your skin, its needs will change with the weather. So if your skin feels trans-seasonal, you know a little bleugh and you’re not sure why, think about the weather and factor it into your skincare.

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