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Get The Best from Your Clinic Consultation

Updated: Feb 15

The Consultation - this is where it all begins! If you are considering booking a skin consultation at The Otto Clinic or any other Medical aesthetic clinic, here is a little insight into what to expect along with our top tips for getting the very best out of your experience:

At The Otto Clinic we draw on years of experience to provide you with a professional consultation that is tailor-made especially for you. All consultations are carried out personally by our highly qualified Physician and Nurse.

Step 1: have clear goals of what you want to achieve

Firstly, we work together to establish what your concerns are so you must have clear goals before you attend your consultation – once we fully understand what you want to achieve, then we can advise you accordingly and we can all work together to guarantee results you’ll love!

Step 2: Do your homework, but be flexible!

It is great to have a fundamental understanding of what can be accomplished for a particular concern (for example: dermal fillers for volume loss or lasers for sun spots). But it’s best not to decide on a particular treatment before your consultation as there are many different non-invasive procedures available. No one solution fits all as each patient is unique and different.

This is why, at The Otto Clinic, we tailor a specific treatment or package of treatments to suit your particular needs, skin type etc. Rest assured that our team will talk you through all the options with plenty of advice and support along the way. This brings us to the point that once you establish a relationship with a therapist, trust him/her to choose the treatment that is right for you.   Ita Murphy MD of The Otto Clinic says “it is most important that every client gets the right treatment for them to get the best results possible”.

Step 3: Ask to see Before & After pictures!

Always look to see before and after pictures and where possible photos from the clinic you are attending. The Otto clinic has hundreds of before and after pictures, many of which we have permission to show during consultations. These are incredibly important for building trust and, of course, give you a realistic idea of the results you can expect.

Step 4: Communication

Communication is key. Open and honest communication is essential to ensure the result you want to achieve. Some women prefer a very conservative approach to cosmetic treatments, with subtle results that build over time. However, other women would be disappointed with this slow approach and want to see dramatic results right away. In both cases, communication between patient and physician is critical to help you achieve your desired results.

What happens Now? 

Following your consultation, your physician will draft a plan of action based on your skin type, skin issue, desired result and bearing in mind budgetary concerns. You will also discuss at-home follow-up and after-care. It is a great idea to invest in your skin with advanced treatments but this must be maintained at home. A good and consistent daily skincare routine is really important and can have significant effects on the outcome of treatments!

Top tip: Communication in a consultation is the key to a successful outcome.

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